Secondary School

High School is about consolidating learning allowing our students to constructively engage with the world around them, critique its worldviews and beliefs allowing them to change their world and the world around them. Through the example of Jesus Christ students grow their character and learn to love and serve others.

Year 11 and 12 students can pursue three pathways, which will be the gateway to their future. We offer:

  • Certificate courses via Online Learning, TAFE, or Trade training.
  • General or ATAR courses.
  • Accreditations for Endorsed Courses.

Cornerstone offers ATAR programs which provide students with direct university entry. Qualified and skilled teachers support students through the tough senior secondary years.

We are in partnership with the School for Isolated & Distance Education (SIDE) to provide a wider range of ATAR courses for students to choose from.

General Courses

Run in Years 11-12 our general courses are still academic in nature but do not have external examinations associated with them. Most students selecting general courses supplement them with certificate courses. Students who would like to pursue a traineeship or an apprenticeship normally do this in Year 11 or 12.

Our Distinctives

Bush Ranger Cadets & Outdoor Education

In partnership with the Department for Communities, Cornerstone offers our Bush Ranger Cadets program. Cadets' links into General and ATAR Outdoor Education, providing students an excellent opportunity to extend their learning in leadership development. With a wide range of resources and equipment such as paddleboards, surfboards, canoes, mountain bikes and camping equipment, students are given extensive opportunities to put their leadership and outdoor education learning into practice with multiple excursions and day trips.

Students choose Cadets as an elective for a semester, and it is a critical component to enable completion of a Certificate II in Outdoor Education. 

Our outdoor education program provides an exceptional opportunity for young people to learn important theory and practical skills in the outdoors, as well as leadership development, teamwork, and environmental management.

Several of our past students have achieved excellent results in our Outdoor Education program, including top Outdoor Education student in Western Australia.


Cornerstones Drama program is unique as our passionate Drama teacher takes our students on a journey beyond acting and plays into production, script writing and set design. This culminates in our drama performance at the end of each year.

Each performance is unique as it is written, produced, and designed by the students.