Education for Christ, Character, Community

Cornerstone cultivates a holistic Christian and evidence informed education so students can flourish with Christian character as citizens in their communities.

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Why Cornerstone?

Cornerstone delivers a proven academic program by combining a Christ centred curriculum with high quality education

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Who We Are

Our Vision, Mission & History

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Busselton Campus

Delivering quality Christian education to families in the City of Busselton since 1986

Campus & Facilities

Dunsborough Christian College

A new name, but the same nature-based schooling with learning outcomes that embrace the unique setting


Our Distinctives

Our Community

Building a strong and connected community, partnering with parents and carers in educating for Christ, Character, Community


Our Distinctives


A unique journey beyond acting into production, script writing and set design

Secondary School

Our Distinctives

Student Welfare Team

Providing support for every students’ social, emotional and spiritual welfare, to facilitate learning in a safe environment

Student Welfare Team

Our Distinctives

Bush Ranger Cadets

Providing extensive opportunities to put leadership and outdoor education learning into practice

Secondary School