Class Representatives

Working at the coalface of our community, the main purpose of the Class Representative is to help foster excellent communication within the school/classroom and to assist in the development of community within the College; providing another means of uniting the College community, thus enhancing the quality of relationships within the school between teachers, parents, and the students.

The responsibilities of the Class Representative is to:

  • Be respectful of everyone’s privacy and ensure that the confidentiality of teachers, students, and parents is maintained at all times.
  • Welcome new families to the class
  • Maintain + circulate a class contact list
  • Communicate school events + encourage participation/engagement
  • Organise various social events
  • Organise as a minimum one whole class get-together
  • Moderate the class Facebook page
  • Meet with other Class Reps and school leadership once a term to pray and debrief.

Class Representatives will be appointed by the College at the beginning of each calendar year.