Cornerstone Christian College is a not-for-profit entity, owned and operated by Christian Community Ministries Ltd (CCM). CCM operates colleges located in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia, in both regional and metropolitan areas, creating a wide variety of employment opportunities for qualified and committed Christians.

CCM Colleges enrol children of those parents who choose for their children, and themselves, to participate in a Christ-centred educational community in the Christian faith tradition of the College, including as outlined in the CCM Statement of Faith. Parents seeking enrolment for their children undertake to support the College in its creation of a community of faith, which will both nurture and support Christians in their faith and reveal the gospel of Christ to those who do not yet hold that faith.

Employment Requirements

CCM schools and early education centres adhere to the historic doctrines of evangelical Christianity and believe the Bible as originally given by God is divinely inspired, infallible, and entirely trustworthy, and is the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct. Employment candidates are required to be a person of active Christian faith who will support the vision, mission and values of CCM and the College, including our Statement of Faith.

Working at Cornerstone Christian College

Employment at Cornerstone Christian College is subject to provisions of the Cornerstone Christian College Enterprise Agreement 2021 (unless specified otherwise in the job advertisement or position description). The Agreement includes provisions regarding mission, objectives and staff lifestyle requirements, basis for employment, classification of roles and employee entitlements (including remuneration and leave provisions). The agreement is available to view on the Fair Work Commission website.

Cornerstone Christian College Enterprise Agreement 2021

The Fair Work Commission also provides information statements for new employees, including casual workers. View the information statements below.

Fair Work Information Statement

Casual Employment Information Statement

Current Employment Opportunities

Thursday, 27 Oct 2022

Casual Administration Staff

Applications are currently being accepted to fill our Casual Administration Staff pool at both Busselton...

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Wednesday, 28 Sept 2022

Casual Education Assistants

Applications are currently being accepted for a pool of Casual Education Assistants at both Busselton...

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Wednesday, 28 Sept 2022

Casual Relief Teachers - Busselton...

Applications are currently being accepted for Casual Relief Teachers at our Busselton Campus.

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