Year 6 Camp

Our annual Year 6 camp is compulsory for all Year 6 students. The aim of the camp is to provide activities for team building, to develop leadership skills and to allow students the opportunity to be challenged about the Christian faith and its role in their lives. Students are challenged physically through carefully selected activities, supported by qualified instructors, and emotionally as they live with one another.

This is a time of bonding for students and teachers as care, cooperation, and respect for one another becomes an essential and necessary value. Every year we are regaled with stories about the happenings of camp as it becomes a memorable highlight for the students.


Cornerstone focus on sports extends beyond the school day. Cornerstone Soccer Club and Cornerstone Basketball Club provide opportunities to put into practice skills of leadership, cooperation and respect that are a focus of the school.


The schools Music program includes opportunities to extend individual learning through the school with external teachers, learning violin, piano and guitar.

Our passionate Music specialist also runs a Music showcase where students get the opportunity to perform in front of family and friends during the year.

Highschool House System

Cornerstones House system creates a family feel, structured to have students across years 7 to 12 in each house. Form-time each morning provides our Form teachers and Pastoral Care teachers an opportunity to focus on student wellbeing at the start of each day.

With House Leaders and Student Mentors the House system enables the older, experienced students to support and lead our younger students, particularly important for those students transitioning from year 6 Primary school into year 7. Our House Leaders also work with our Student Leadership Council to facilitate all College and community activities.

In essence, our House system is an integral and intentional aspect of the schools focus on each student's unique God-given talents, developing leadership skills and young adults who can make a positive difference in the lives of others.