Primary School

Schools are social places; positive relationships with teachers and peers are at the heart of our learning environment. Respectful relationships allow everyone to learn in inclusive classrooms.

Learning about God from a Christian world view is integrated throughout our curriculum. We are passionate about the spiritual wellbeing of our community and strive to allow our students to become aware of biblical truths. 

We purposefully encourage students to learn how to learn - to communicate effectively, think deeply, collaborate respectfully, research with curiosity and manage their own behaviour responsibly.


At Cornerstone we believe the learning that comes from our specialist areas are crucial to providing our students with a well-rounded education.

We are blessed to have skilled staff who are passionate about their areas of expertise.

  • Music includes an optional choir from Years 3-6, specialist instrumental teachers and performance opportunities.
  • Swimming and Athletics carnivals are highlights on the school calendar and Interschool events have high participation levels.
  • Art is an engaging process where students produce some amazing products that are displayed at public events.
  • Chinese culture is introduced from Year One and our students are taught to speak, understand, and write Mandarin.
  • Information Technology prepares our students with computer skills, coding, and an understanding of how to safely navigate the online world.
  • Library is an engaging and relaxing place to borrow books, visit at recess, and lunch times.

Our Pre-Kindy program provides the perfect opportunity for children to develop their potential in a calm and flexible learning space that values play and builds on a child’s natural curiosity. Children will form new friendships with one another as they participate in stories, rhymes, music, and indoor & outdoor activities. These experiences will extend and enrich communication, language, and social and emotional development that will lead to successful learning.

This high-quality pre-kindy program allows children to become familiar with our Early Learning Centre, which helps to enable a smooth transition to Kindy. Click here for more information on Pre-Kindy enrolment.