The Library is more than just a place where students read books. The Library is a dynamic space where students continue to learn, build friendships, relax and play games.

The Library is an integral part of our primary curriculum, providing students the opportunity to learn skills beyond reading.

The Library is Changing in 2023...

Early in 2023 we will be changing our Library Management systems and going fully cloud. This will enable the school to provide several new services to both students and parents.

Anytime Access

Moving our Library Management System to the cloud enables our students to access specific library services 24-7 from any location. This will include catalogue searching and the ability to checkout AudioBook and eBook resources.

Better Research Results

A move to the cloud enables access to Artificial Intelligence functionality, resulting in better search results, which means students able to find anwers to their research questions easier. 

Audiobook and eBook Access

A move to the cloud enables the school to enhance functionality and provide access to Audiobooks and eBooks. And this can all be done directly from the Library catalogue. Accessing library resources in digital format provides many enhancements, especially for those students who struggle to learn in traditional ways. For example, eBooks facilitate changing fonts and Audiobooks are a great alternative for those who find reading challenging.