Student Welfare Team

Cornerstone Christian College’s Student Welfare Team provides support for students’ social, emotional, and spiritual welfare in a variety of ways. Learning happens more effectively as we recognise the many and varied challenges that students often carry with them into the school day.

The team consists of a College Chaplain and our Learning Support Centre.

College Chaplain

The College Chaplain offers social and emotional support to students who are experiencing some of life's challenges. Our Chaplain has a background in Social Work, mental health and pastoral care and works alongside teachers to care for students. The Chaplain is available on Wednesday and Friday.

Students can contact the Chaplain directly or via a teacher. Parents who would like to speak to the College Chaplain are encouraged to do so via email to:

Learning Support Centre

Providing excellent educational support for our students is a priority at Cornerstone. As such we have a dedicated Learning Support Centre that has the capacity to work intensively with small groups of students.

Our Inclusive Education Coordinators work collaboratively with teachers to develop individual education plans, with teachers referring students for academic testing as they deem necessary.

The services of the School Psychologist (through the Association of Independant Schools in WA) and a Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist (Naturaliste Community Health Centre) are also called in to consult, assess and provide programs and suggestions for students who are at educational risk.

And integral to in-class learning we have Education Assistants (EAs) working throughout the school, including our Early Learning Centre.