Welcome to Cornerstone, Dunsborough

David Mullender - Head of School Dunsborough

Thank you for your interest in Cornerstone Christian College, Dunsborough.

We are a nature-based school with learning outcomes that embrace our unique setting. This means outside times may be wet and muddy, involve climbing, creating, and exploring. Our students are taught to be respectful towards our bushland; to think about their impact on seasonally changing flora and fauna, to tread lightly and sustainably, not using the bush as a commodity but stewarding it for future students.

We currently cater for students from Kindy to Year 6, with plans to expand to Year 7 in 2024. A year level will be added each subsequent year.

We desire to partner with families for the mutual benefit of students and the College community. We do this by offering a values-based Christian educational choice for families. In our view, families who choose a Christian education are making an invaluable investment in their child’s future.

Cornerstone Christian College is committed to providing opportunities for all students to form firm foundations for life now, and into eternity.

David Mullender

Head of School